Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It Was The Dawn Of A New Age...

An alternative comedy website that actually likes and respects its readers! How revolutionary!

Comments are completely unmoderated, you just have to sign in with a Google account or LiveID, because the last thing any website needs is little, cowardly anonymous trolls from a larger comedy website that is scared of us posting nasty little BLAARRGHs, hehe...

Writers are encouraged, nay, forced at gunpoint, to write for us on any subject YOU choose, (we've found that the whole "at gunpoint" thing really gets the creative juices flowing). You can also make MONEY doing it. (If we ever make any).

Come one, come all! If you can't come, bring someone who can!

The year is 2012.

The name of the place: Babylon 5.

Oh, I mean there, at, lol.